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Each month we highlight one of our members to share their Namaspa yoga journey with us, as our members are the crux of our Namaspa community.  Each of these yogis has committed to showing up on their mat consistently, and have watched their lives grow and change in amazing ways on and off the mat.  They are truly inspiring!

JULY 2017


I found Namaspa Redmond in November 2015, shortly after we moved to Redmond from Eugene. I practice anywhere from 3-6 days a week. The number of days, and whether I flow or yin, depend a lot on my body. Because I have a chronic disease, pain and energy levels can be teachers in my practice. The first thing that drew me to Namaspa was how inviting and open everyone was. I felt genuinely welcomed, immediately invited into our growing Redmond community. I loved how staff - and fellow yogis - focus on yoga being accessible for every body. On the mat, I felt a part of something bigger than myself. Some of my most precious friendships are with fellow Namapeeps! I became a member within a week of my first class back in 2015! I hope to continue to deepen my practice. To continue to find and explore all the edges and sticky spots, and to continue to welcome and learn to surrender into them.

JUNE 2017


I found Namaspa over a year ago at a time I was feeling the need to strengthen on both the inside and outside of myself. I began with 40 Days Program which has served me more than I could have imagined.I practice 5 -6 days a week for optimum results. I became a member because of the great sense of loving community here. I have become stronger and feel more powerful and mindful in most all aspects of my life. I am thankful for the loving supportive community and inspirational instructors here at Namaspa that share so generously. I am fully committed to growing with my yoga practice for the rest of my days.

MAY 2017


My loving husband gifted me a membership to practice yoga at Namaspa in October of 2016 to help keep my energy and spirits up through the long cold winter. I practice 4-6 times a week. I became a member because I found that Namaspa integrates a lot of great attributes in a very simple yet powerful offering. Their focus on the simple foundational principles of yoga through the Baptiste Yoga affiliation provides a powerful base into which one can really ground down to take flight. I love the honest interactions and meaningful connections I've enjoyed since joining the Namaspa community. I've also taken advantage of their fun workshops and extracurricular offerings that have shifted my perspective in fun meaningful ways.I have been a member 5 months. Since starting a regular yoga practice at Namaspa in October of 2016 my breath is deeper; my heart is more open; my physical fitness and flexibility are greater; my alignment is much improved; and I feel more grounded and centered standing strong and feeling light upon my own two feet. I now trust myself to show up here and now with peace and joy in my heart. I aspire to further deepen my practice by continuing to show up on my mat with love in my heart, integrity in my breath, and just be.

APRIL 2017


We moved to Bend last fall and were attracted to Namaspa right away. When it came time to find a house, we moved into a house next to the studio so that we wouldn't have any parking excuses to keep us off of our mats. We practice 4-6 days a week. We loved the community! Everyone has been so welcoming and friendly - even though we are novices. We joined in January 2017 and are feeling more balanced, calm and centered. It's amazing - even as beginners. And our aspirations--finally doing a wheel - without support.

MARCH 2017


My husband bought me an intro pass for Mother's Day 2016. I've been hooked since and have been going pretty consistently anywhere from 3-6 days a week depending on my work schedule allows. Everyone at Namaspa is so helpful in achieving a strong yoga practice. The Redmond studio is super convenient for me because it's only 8 blocks from my house.

I became a member to Namaspa because of the benefit I've received since I've been consistently practicing yoga. I'm more patient with my kids and husband at home. Having two small children and one with special needs it gives me some "me time" while improving my physical and mental health. It feels like I've just found a missing piece from my life.



June 2016 I tried a class out, and n I knew I wanted to start becoming a regular at Namaspa. Mary and the rest of our family joined shortly after. We practice as much as we can, which is 5-7 times a week. We became a member at first it was because of the number of classes offered, we could always find one that fit our schedule. Also we really like the Baptiste philosophy, the warm room, and of course the great people! We have been members since June 2016. We have never felt better! More energy, stronger, balanced in body and mind. We did the 40 day program not really knowing what to expect, and gained so much more than we thought we would. Our aspirations include staying healthy enough to continue coming as often and regularly as we do. To continue being present and being part of a great community. For Mary it is like reading a good book, she never knows what is going to happen or come up. So many changes, and new things opening up all the time.



I heard Namaspa opened a studio in Redmond early last spring. I was looking for a heated class close to home, so I wondered in one Sunday and the rest is history. I now practice 4-6 times a week! First, I purchased a 30 day pass, prior to this I was practicing yoga once a week; after my 30 day pass expired I purchased a 90 day summer pass. After my summer pass expired I was hooked and wanted more, so I became a member.

I came to Namaspa for pain management. For the last year I had been suffering with severe hip pain. I tried pain medication, acupuncture and active release therapy with a chiropractor. While the acupuncture and active release therapy helped the pain always returned. I was practicing yoga once a week when I found Namaspa, after that I started practicing more frequently. I instantly noticed that I had less hip pain, so I kept coming to class and my hip situation kept improving. I like to say that I came for pain relief, but I stay for the community. I love the people I practice with! They encourage and inspire me to be a better yogi and a better human being. I just want to continue to practice and grow.



FullSizeRender (2).jpg

I found Namaspa over 2 or so years ago through Mckenzie & Adam Mendel.  They were going through their teacher training and asked me to come to one of their learning sessions. I practice an average of 2-4 days per week.

I practice at Namaspa because this studio has amazing positive energy...and the instructors are genuinely kind and supportive of my practice. They also offer an affordable unlimited yoga experience with a lot of classes to choose from. I think I have been a member for over two years now...going on three years.

Baptiste Yoga is great for my body. I love the flow of this type of yoga and the temperature is just perfect. But most importantly the energy of the instructors and the fellow yogis is amazing. Namaspa caters to all levels of yoga, and I feel very comfortable and supported in  my practice at this studio.

Yoga has changed my life in the way that I look at myself and my world around me. I practice yoga because not only does it work my physical body, it also exercises my soul and spirit through a form of meditation. Yoga has allowed me to be more in touch with my inner self as well as my body. It is here where I have learned to release negative energy and take in the positive.  Yoga allows me in so many ways to cope with life both good and bad. No other type of exercise has done this for me.  Yoga is so much deeper then just your physical sense if you allow it to be. But essentially, I feel stronger, happier, lighter in my emotions, and just more playful when I practice yoga. Yoga can be as easy or as challenging as you need it to be. I of course want to keep growing in my practice especially here in Namaspa where this is very possible!  Yoga allows me to be playful and to do the things that maybe I did when I was a child..so anything that challenges me to keep my youth in yoga is always an aspiration for me.



I had decided that I needed to make some positive changes in my life, diet and exercise being at the top of my list. As someone who loathes exercise and pretty much quit everything I tried over the years, yoga was something I hadn’t tried yet.  I honestly had no idea what yoga, especially heated power yoga, was all about.  I knew someone who was always raving about how great yoga was so I googled yoga studios in Redmond.  I hadn’t realized that Namaspa had come to town.  I had heard really good things about the studio in Bend so I got in the car and drove down to the studio to check it out.  I signed up for a Yoga 101 workshop in January 2016 and started on my journey. I try to practice at least 5 days a week, preferably at the studio, but if I can’t make it in for some reason I practice at home.  Whether it be power yoga, yin, restorative, meditation…..it’s all good.There are some amazing yogis at the Redmond studio and I love being a part of this growing community.  I love walking into class and not only seeing all the familiar faces of my fellow yogis but all the new faces too.  And the teachers, what a wonderful group of people, every one of them.  It’s just a fun, warm, friendly place to be.  I can’t imagine practicing anywhere else.I’ve been a member at Namaspa since September 2016, and I would have become a member back in January when I started, but my work schedule and the studio’s schedule didn’t always mesh in the beginning.  As the studio has grown so has the number of classes, so I was finally able to join. I originally came to yoga to lose some more weight and get some exercise, which I did, but what I discovered is that yoga is so much more.  Physically I’m much stronger, but I believe I’m much stronger mentally and emotionally as well.  As a “perfectionist”, I’ve always been really hard on myself.  Practicing yoga has opened up my world in so many ways.  It has enabled me to be more grounded, given me tools to work on letting go of all the crap in my life that serves no purpose but to raise my blood pressure, be more present in my life, opened up my mind and body to new possibilities.  When I started this journey back in January I had no idea it would become such an integral part of my life, but I’m so glad it has.  I didn’t think something was missing from my life, but apparently it was.  I am so grateful to have found this practice.  I am a work in progress!! My yoga aspirations are to integrate yoga into my daily life even more and be able to practice 7 days a week.  To add as many arm balances to my practice as I possibly can, they’re awesome!!



I found Namaspa through a friend who invited me to a Yin class; it was a remarkable experience. A few days later I took a beginner class from Nancy, followed by my first flow session a few days after that! I tend to practice 5-6 times per week, usually the Noon hour of power; it breaks up my day nicely, especially if I have an intensely stressful morning (i.e. most mornings). My practice unquestionably keeps me happier, healthier and more productive at work and life. I've noticed a direct correlation between my diet on a given day, and how I feel about my practice the following day. Hmmm. Good incentive to keep it clean!

I really enjoy Baptiste Power Yoga, which I've come to think of as ass-kicking yoga. Hard work and sweat have always been integral to my favorite activities, so I'm pleased to have found that in my yoga practice. I've tried a few other studios while on vacation and didn't even break a sweat! I was so confused! Certainly my favorite practices tend to be the ass-kickingest ones. I’ve been a member since March 2015. The two primary benefits initially sought were 1) Incorporate regular resistance training into my life (upper body in particular) and 2) Supplement mountain biking, tennis, hiking, snowboarding and desk jockeying, especially in the off season(s). Of course I found so much more! I feel much stronger, and more aware of my mind/body in a holistic sense. This has translated to substantial gains in my other athletic pursuits, I seem less prone to injury, plus I generally feel more focused. Sanity is still in check! My yoga aspiration: Scorpion Pose! It'll totally happen! Also, it seems practicing in India would be a worthwhile experience.



In September 2015 my family and I moved to Redmond, at that time I started looking for a place to open up and be genuinely me. It was an advertisement for The 40 Days to Personal Revolution that got me in the door at Namaspa.  I practice any day that I can (home or studio), at least 4 times a week.

I choose to practice at Namaspa because of the amazing power I feel during the flow and the and the connection I feel within community here at Namaspa. The Yogis to the left and right of me are breathing as loud as the ocean, letting go, and loving it as much as I do! I became a member at Namaspa the first month I started attending. After trying out multiple classes like Basics Flow, Yin, and Healing Flow I was hooked, and knew a membership would be the best way to dive into all the different classes available. Since I started a regular Yoga practice I have noticed there is more space in life, I feel less rushed, less scattered, and less attachment to anxiety each day. 



I was lucky to find Namaspa simply by searching for a yoga studio that I could walk to from my new home. I moved to Oregon from Vermont last October and was excited to find a studio to continue my yoga practice. I attended my first class at Namaspa the day after we arrived in Bend in October 2015 and I've only been to one class at another studio since! I practice 4-6 times a week depending on my schedule. I feel energized, yet calm and balanced each time I leave a class at Namaspa. Practicing here has brought light to many areas of my life where I felt stuck before.  Not to mention, it's rejuvenating to walk into the studio and see so many familiar faces every day, there's such a strong community. 

I became a member at Namaspa after completing the initial first time month special. I was hooked on the physical, mental, and emotional benefits and mind-body connection I gained in that short month and knew I had to continue with a steady practice at Namaspa. Becoming a member helped me integrate into the Namaspa community and feel connected to my fellow students and teachers. The welcoming environment that Namaspa fosters was a huge indicator that I had found the studio for me.  I've been a member at Namaspa since November 2015. Since adopting a regular practice at Namaspa I've gained a level of self-confidence and an "I have the ability to do anything" attitude about my life. I've decided to pursue going to school for Nutrition Therapy as well as become a registered yoga teacher. I live my everyday life with much more ease and I'm able to accomplish more in a day with the energy I awaken in myself through my practice. 

I'm overwhelmed with joy to be starting the Yoga Teacher Training at Namaspa this fall! I'd thought about becoming a yoga teacher in the past, but never had a timeline for the dream. It wasn't until I found Namaspa that it felt right and without hesitation I decided it was the time for me to do my training.

JULY 2016


“I found Namaspa Redmond in January 2016 after reading an ad in The Source magazine.  The40 Days Program was being advertised and I decided it would be a great opportunity to expand and enhance my yoga practice. I attend classes approximately four days a week, however during the Summer Challenge I’ve been averaging five to seven.

After each class I always tell my husband how much I love Namaspa. I love Namaspa! The atmosphere is warm. Kind, loving and peaceful which attracts the same yogis and instructors. The membership allows yoga to be available to the community at an affordable price. Prior Namaspa I have had a regular yoga practice for many years at numerous studios and received my RYT 200 in 2012. I feel the biggest change for me has been taking yoga off the mat and practicing it in my daily life, practicing mindfulness and connecting with breath during stressful life events. My yogi aspirations include perhaps the RYT 500??”

JUNE 2016


"I found Namaspa after eating at 10 Barrel restaurant.  I was looking to get back into yoga and I had \heard from friends it was a great place to practice. I practice 3x a week and sometimes 4 if I can make it happen.  

I have practiced yoga at several other places in Bend but I love the challenge of the Baptiste power yoga and the quality of the teachers.  I love how they have several times to choose from and it is close to my home. I became a member in October 2015 because I love coming and it is easier just to have it auto deducted from my account. 

Since doing a regular yoga practice I feel stronger, healthier, and calmer.  I've lost 13 pounds because when I exercise regularly I don't feel like eating the junk.  Yoga has helped me adopt healthier eating habits. I would love to start taking some of the weekend workshops, and I am thinking about teachers training some day."

MAY 2016


I practice 7 days a week in my mind, but physically I practice 2 to 3 times a week.I found Namaspa through a friend who invited me to join her at Redmond Namaspa grand opening in November.

I choose to practice at Namaspa Redmond because of the community of yogis. They really do rock! I became a member at Namaspa for me! As a mom I had put myself on the back burner for too long. What has changed in my life since adopting a regular practice...Everything! Happiness, love, fulfillment and peace. My yoga aspiration...... to do yoga on my paddle board this summer.

APRIL 2016


I had a friend who'd been going to your Bend Studio for years (Julie O'Neill) and she told me about your opening....I think my very first practice (ever!) was in November. I was apprehensive at first - I walked in and asked Suzy some awesome question like "I can barely touch my toes - will I be able to do this?" and her amazing smile and kind answer were enough to bring me back the very next day! I practice at the Studio 4x a week, and usually at home another 2 days - depending on LIFE.

I love it! I love how the very first week of practice I ever had - did I mention EVER? - that Tami and Suzy were so amazing with me. I knew NOTHING about any of the poses, and even less about Yoga, and both of them were so attentive and gentle and kind - assisting and teaching. I'm a cycling instructor - so most of the time, I'm doing the planning and the instructing and the assisting. it felt so great to be instructed by such amazing people and  I felt like I'd landed home!Honestly? because it was the most cost efficient way to practice all the times I wanted to be there! Also, because I've made some real connections with people there, and it feels like hOMe. Since December of 2015

I feel like I've gained a significant amount of body confidence and awareness that I did not have before.  I am much more aware of how I can reach and stretch and bend not only my body in more ways than I thought, but also everything else in my life - my relationships, my job, my family....it's all connected! I am definitely more "grounded" and I take life at a more breathe-able pace.  Even though life still throws curves and schedules and timelines  at me, I feel like I've learned on the mat how to live off the mat. Breathe through the tough stuff, breathe through the easy stuff.  YES!!! - I am going to be certified to be a TEACHER by this time next year and I could not be more excited.  Is it September yet?!

MARCH 2016


I have practiced yoga at Namaspa for three years as of March this year.  Sometimes I practice every day, sometimes a few days a month depending on what is going on in my life. I did the 40 Days in the fall of my first year.  I have a small library of Baron Baptiste books which I have read and revisit from time to time.  My library has grown to include many other authors.  Marc Lesser is my favorite.  I like his book, "Less: Accomplishing More by Doing Less."

I actually did my first yoga practice about 20 years ago when it was offered at an athletic club in Eugene where I had a membership.  The first class was shocking to my body, especially the half pigeon, but after a short time I adjusted and found that all the stretching and relaxing made me feel good.  Before I came to Namaspa, I practiced yoga about once a week. 

My first practice at Namaspa was Shake Your Asana on a Friday night with Luanne.  I came with my granddaughter when she was visiting me from the east coast for her spring break.  I bought the 30 day introduction package and tried out lots of classes.  This was my first experience at a yoga studio.  I loved the orange color on the wall and the heat.  I loved the organized flow that started with a warm up, culminated in back bends and ended with deep relaxation.  I especially loved the psychological support of ancient wisdom and affirmations.   I told one of my sisters, "Of course I love yoga, where I am warm and people say kind things to me."  But here is my biggest surprise: my skiing ability the following year moved from ho hum to big fun.  I had better balance and a stronger core, and I was more present to the nuances of my body in the sport. My husband, an avid skier, was amazed.  I dropped my membership at an athletic club where I worked out, joined Namaspa, and became a yogi in earnest. 

My life is much improved.  I have found a yoga practice that works well for my body.  I found a place in my head that is kinder and more present.  I am grateful every day for my health and the people who fill my life.



I found Namaspa through an oncology nurse at my work (Central Oregon Pediatrics) that knew Nancy. She had had heard she had a yoga studio with a variety of classes. I usually practice 6-7 days a wk unless I'm traveling. I try to make it a regular thing :) I enjoy the variety and quality of teachers, class times offered, the proximity to my home and work, and most importantly, the wonderful  community at Namaspa. I feel I'm always meeting new and interesting people, everyone seems to have a story :) I had tried a few other studios in town prior to Namaspa, and I just didn't feel the passion, or I felt the teachers taught,  but didn't break down new/difficult poses well. At Namaspa, I found this. Teachers teach for beginners, but also for all levels who want to advance their personal practice. I also enjoy the wonderful community we have. Every time I arrive for a class, I'm greeted by multiple smiling individuals, and I love being able to catch up with my classmates on how their lives are going. It's more than just a yoga studio. I've been a member since Jan 2014. Since becoming a member at Namaspa, I have become a medical scribe at Central Oregon Pediatrics. I have applied to medical schools, and have a few interviews on the horizon. I really want to do a handstand without support, and I'd love to attend a yoga camp at some point to further my practice and meet other cool yogis.



Namaspa found me right after I moved to Bend, nearly three years ago.  I met a Namaspa yogi, Linda Santillli Taylor (who's now a teacher at Namaspa) who happened to mention a yogic principle that caught my attention.  Yoga had always been something I thought I "should" do, but resisted ... emphatically.  Something shifted and she invited me to practice with her at 6:30am the next day.  (Gulp!)  I showed up, practiced, and began this amazing journey. I'd been practicing 2-3 times a week for the first two years.  Due to a running injury, I've had to put running on the back burner and I've upped my practice to 5 times a week. That saying, "3x a week for maintenance, 5x a week for transformation" is no joke!!!  When I increased my practice, my life began to change, personally and professionally.  As soon as I walk in the door of Namaspa, I take a deep breath.  It's not intentional - it's like my body's natural reaction to arriving. For me, Namaspa is more than a place to practice yoga; it's a community of people embarking on their own inner journey, free of judgement and full of compassion.  Participation can look like quietly keeping to myself or chatting with others.  My presence is all that matters, in any form. Being a member is my way of committing to my practice and inner journey.  (And of course, it makes financial sense if I want to practice often.) I'd heard Suzie (Namaspa founder) say, "How you show up on your mat is how you show up in life". "What does that mean?" I thought.  As I stood in Warrior 1, where I'd lunged so deeply I could barely stand, let alone square my hips, raise my arms, lift my heart, etc., it came to me: My ego desperately wanted that long, deep lunge, but it was not sustainable.  Similarly, I have a tendency to overcommit in life, then lose integrity because I can't fulfill my commitments.  I did this in my personal life, professional life, and now in my yoga practice. Where can I find self-acceptance in my current circumstances/limitations, and grow from there? Where can I find ease, and therefore integrity?  As I listened to the prompts for Bird of Paradise, I thought, "Yeah right. You've got to be kidding me." Then my body did the pose anyway!  What other areas in life am I holding myself back, due to limiting beliefs? I heard Suzie say something about exerting yourself at 65% when doing yoga.  I scoffed and thought, "I don't do ANYTHING at 65% - I go all out". Weeks later, I showed up for class feeling tired and gave myself "permission" to go at 65%. Surprisingly, I was able to hold the same poses with the same integrity, using only 65% effort! I love practicing standing leg raise where we hold out our hand to support the person next to us - this simple action breaks barriers I don't know exist until the moment they dissolve through simply extending my hand to help another person.  I can feel their pose take new heights/lengths/depths and sense their surprise at moving beyond what they thought they could do.  How can I reach out to support others in my life? What barriers can be broken?Keep practicing!  The journey continues ...

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